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About us

„Vilniaus alus“ is one and only brewery of beer and natural drinks in Vilnius. It's an independent lithuanian company. Our products – naturally fermented and matured beer, kvass, soft drinks. 

All of our products are produced with natural ingredients only, without any chemical additives. 

Yearly growth of revenue was 70% in 2010. Growth of export increased by 50%, as we export not only to European countries but also to USA. "Vilniaus alus" is continually investing into production capacity and quality as well as it is creating new and unique products.

We established our own chain of stores where customers can find not only our fresh draught beer, but also beer from other producers, kvass, soft drinks and other products. At the moment we have 24 chain stores and even more if we were to include our franchise stores.

We are innovative and flexible, yet we make no compromises and exeptions when it comes to the product quality.