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Rent a KEG

How to rent a KEG of our beer?

We offer to rent 25, 30 an 50 liter KEGs.

The beer in the KEG is counted by the formula:  1 l price  x amount of liters = beer price  (e.g. a liter of beer costs 1,5; You take a 30 l KEG. 

So it counts  €1,5 x 30 liters = €45). After adding the price for the rent and required equipment you'll have the overall price!


Equipment for rent:

  • Hand pump which is cheap to rent and does not use much space. (rent 5 euros,  deposit 20 euros)
  • Air cooling equipment. It needs power, but it does a great job to cool of the beer. (rent 20 euros,  deposit 145 euros)

Deposit inventory.

Every piece of equipment has its deposit price. The customer pays the deposit and gets it back only after the equipment is returned unharmed.

Sample purchase:

50 l KEG of non-filtered beer (nefiltruotas) with air cooling equipment.

1,22 EUR x 50 l + 20 eur (KEG deposit) + 20EUR (equipment rent) + 145 EUR (equipment deposit) = 246 EUR. (you get 145 + 20EUR deposit back afterwards).

actual cost= 81 EUR.

For more information about the reservation and prices of our KEGs contact us by calling the numbers bellow. You should always order KEGs in advance!